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Get Nutritional Info from Google Search


Google is adding some new options to their widely used Internet search service that should be of interest to the health conscious. “Starting today you will be able to quickly and easily find extensive nutrition information for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats and meals in search,” reports Google on their search blog.

With this new service, you can simply ask, how many calories are there in a banana or how much protein in a potato? The search results will answer that question, as well as provide a wealth of nutrition information for the food in question.

Here are some example ways to use the service that that Google offered:

  • Tempted by some popcorn at the movies? Ask “how many calories are in popcorn” and you’ll get your answer. [Hint: it's 31 calories per cup]
  • Perplexed by a food label or recipe? Ask “what nutrients are in breadfruit?” or “is there sugar in granadilla?”
  • Big on a high protein diet? Ask “how many carbs in corn?” or simply search for [corn] and you’ll see detailed nutrition info.

You can access this info by typing the question on the Google website via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. But you can also verbally ask the question if you are using Google’s voice search option on a compatible smartphone or other Internet connected device. Google says they will be expanding beyond the 1,000 or so food items available via this search service over time.

So next time you want a little more information about the cookie you’re about to eat or the vegetable you’re about to buy, you can pull it up with ease and be a little more health educated in the process.

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