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Streaming Weddings on the Rise


American couples, wedding planners and videographers are increasingly streaming weddings and nuptial events live via the Web. Nearly 20,000 weddings have been streamed live over Ustream’s social video streaming platform in the last year, a 12-month increase of more than 250%, according to the San Franciso-based company.

Ustream’s mix of live and recorded video streams attract more than 80 million unique viewers on a monthly basis, according to a press release.

“We are seeing explosive growth in the number of couples who want to stream their weddings live,” commented Mary Ellen Murphy, president of Off The Beaten Path Weddings in Napa. “Platforms like Ustream are low cost, easy to use and create opportunities to include friends and family who might otherwise not be able to attend.”

Weddings are one of the most unique and fastest growing uses for live web video streaming service, added chief marketing officer David Thompson. “Not everyone can make it to the ceremony,” Thompson was quoted as saying, “but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the big event.”

The U.S. wedding services industry is a $50 billion market. Culling through its database in search of hot trends, Ustream found that “food trucks, mint green bridesmaid dresses and lace-trimmed invitations are just a few of the style trends to gain popularity with fashion-conscious brides and grooms in 2013.”

Ustream and wedding service industry participants expect live streaming of weddings and other social events to become increasingly popular and widespread in the U.S.

Ustream offers a free service for broadcasting weddings and other events. The functionality is limited functionality and advertising is inserted, however. Ustream also offers a paid broadcast option that starts at $99. With it, “video can be captured on a variety of consumer devices, including camcorders, laptop webcams and even smartphones. Adding a professional videographer and crew can cost another $800 to $3,000, however,” the company notes.

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