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Computer Not Cooperating


Clear Creek can help you find peace of mind when your computer won’t do what you want it to or, when it won’t do anything at all. Many Clear Creek customers have tried the PC Repair Service offered by Clear Creek and Molalla  Communications and they report complete satisfaction. Clear Creek members, after consulting with the technician, will be able to drop off and pick up their computers at the Clear Creek business office or schedule an appointment for a technician to repair their PC in their home.

Available services include: network installation, PC set up and configuration, hardware installation, virus/spyware eradication and repair, software installation, data backup/transfer, automated backup, operating system installation/upgrade and others as well. In addition, every repair gets a FREE 6-point PC Repair Checkup!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 503-829-HELP (4357). We have technical professionals on hand, ready to assist you with all your computer related headaches.

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