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New Facebook iPad App


There’s a new way to experience Facebook on your iPad with the recently released app. Facebook’s iPad app offers definite improvements over its mobile website, as well as minor improvements over third-party Facebook iPad apps, such as Friendly for Facebook.  Download the app here:

Here’s a summary of the features:

Enjoy bigger, better photos

  • Your photos take on new life on the iPad. They’re big, high-res and easy to flip through — like a real photo album

Focus on what matters

  • With less on the screen, it’s easier to zoom in on your friends’ photos, updates and stories.

Navigate anywhere, fast

  • Just tap, slide or pinch to get from one screen to another and back again in no time.

Never lose your place

  • Use simplified navigation to send a message, see your notifications or browse your bookmarks without switching screens.

Play games on the go

  • Play your favorite Facebook games wherever you are, and on a bigger screen.

Tap to send messages

  • A simple dropdown menu makes it easy to scan and send messages without visiting your inbox.

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