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Storytelling is Making a Comeback


One disadvantage of the digitally connected world we all live these days in is the decline of  good old fashioned talking with each other. We’re so caught up in connecting with our smartphones and iPads, we sometimes do less talking in person, which has led to the decline in the art of storytelling. But that might be changing.

On a recent business trip, I came across a refreshing article about how storytelling is making a comeback. In some regards, today’s social media focus and yesterday’s storytelling art are very related. After all, aren’t the best Facebook posts really short stories? An excellent Twitter post tells a story in a 140 characters or less! Storytelling goes back to the beginning of human history and has been an important part of our existence.

Turns out a nonprofit organization, The Moth, is facilitating a storytelling renaissance of sorts, with thousands of members who participate in a Moth branded podcasts, public radio broadcasts, or one of the 168 live performances taking place in four American cities that they sponsor. Over 15 million people will listen to Moth sponsored storytelling this year. Certainly not Facebook numbers, but still impressive.

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