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Outage Impacts Service


Today at approximately 9:00am Clear Creek experienced a significant outage impacting telephone and Internet service.  Cable television service was not impacted during the incident.  Our technicians were on site and working on the issue immediately.  An equipment failure in a fiber optic terminal was quickly identified at the source of the problem and the incident was escalated to the highest priority.
Further troubleshooting identified that a component in the fiber optic terminal had failed; a spare component was quickly located in our off-site storage and dispatched so we could make the repairs.  Crews continued to work on an alternative to provide connectivity for our Internet service while waiting for the replacement component to arrive.

This was successfully accomplished and Internet service was restored just after 10:00am. Telephone service was restored at 11:10am with the arrival of the replacement component.

Operations Manager, Jay Henke stated that “the failure of this component should not have had an impact our service whatsoever  as the equipment contains a failover safeguard.  After further investigation it was determined that the unique combination of events exposed a weakness in the configuration of the equipment that resulted in the negative impact to our service.”  The weakness has been addressed and we anticipate uninterrupted service in the future.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

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