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Churches See Promise in Technology


Like many institutions before it including, schools, libraries, local governments, and others, churches are now beginning to embrace technology. Technology had gotten off to somewhat of a rough start in some churches. I’ve read about some churches going as far as employing cell phone jamming technology to prevent cell phone disruptions during church service. But as the Chicago Tribune points out, some churches are now more receptive to technology — even embracing it as a tool to help get out the gospel.

Attendees of services at Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago area used to sit outside while services were being conducted, taking notes on their smartphones and tablets while watching on TVs or large projection screens. Today, they are taking their mobile devices inside the sanctuary, using them to take notes and look up references as the service takes place.

Willow Creek isn’t the only house of worship where this is happening apparently. Worshipers at churches across Chicago are now comfortable using their smartphones and tablet devices inside while services transpire. The presiding Reverend at another Chicago area church,  Rev. Otis Moss III, used his iPad in delivering his Easter Sunday sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ.

“You don’t have to fear the technology. We can embrace it,” the Rev. was quoted as saying. “There was a time in the church when the Gutenberg Bible was introduced. There was a severe concern among ministers who were afraid the printed page would be such a distraction if you put it in the hands of people in worship. There was a fear that noises from the pages would distract from the service…”Technology is not the message. It’s only the method to enhance the delivery of the message.”

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