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Hi-Tech Plant Care


If you’re like me, you’re thumb is definitely not green. I’ve been known to murder a plant or two — not intentionally of course. More so due to my lack of expertise regarding proper plant care. Maybe ‘plantslaughter’ (as opposed to manslaughter, get it?) is a better term.

Regardless, I’ve found the solution to my problem – there is a new ‘green thumb’ app that uses WiFi to keep plants healthy and thriving.
The Koubachi Wifi Plant Sensor uses a WiFi sensor in your plant’s soil to determine important factors like soil moisture, light intensity and ambient temperature. The sensor collects this data and sends it wirelessly to an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The app then communicates to you the best care plan for that particular plant, including when to water it and what amount of water is ideal. The sensor costs about $125 and can be used for multiple plants. You basically move it from plant to plant. It takes about two weeks for the sensor to gather the data it needs for each plant and upgrades your app with all the necessary data it needs to properly care for the plant, giving you notifications when necessary. After that two week period, you simply move the sensor to your next plant and repeat this process until all of your plants have been added to the system. You can watch a video here, which explains how the system works.

According to a Reuters article, the Koubachi plant care app covers about “…135 species of plants, including orchids, tomatoes and umbrella plants.” They add more species regularly.

This is a great example of how technology can improve every day life – for humans and plants!

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