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A Minute in Internet Life


The growth in processing power for computers and other tech gadgets and the amount of data that processing power now creates is truly amazing. To put this in perspective, consider that all of the computing power required to put a man on the moon is now concentrated in the cellphone that may be in your front pocket. Once more, that cellphone produces more data in the forms of pictures, videos, music, and apps than most home computers did just a few years ago. Most computers and a large proportion of cellphones now are connected to the Internet, which is the network over which much of this data now flows. It makes for a lot of activity.

Our gadgets and computers now generate tons of this data for both work and personal uses, and this data keeps the Internet quite busy twenty-four hours per day. According to research done by hi-tech company Domo, here are some eye-popping statistics regarding what takes place every minute on the Internet:

  • 204 million emails are sent
  • 48 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube
  • 571 new websites are launched
  • $272 thousand is spent on web shopping

Domo offers more interesting facts based on what happens on the Internet every minute in the below infographic. Happy Reading!

One Minute on the Internet

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