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Smartphones and Politics


The political season is in full swing this Summer, given the upcoming presidential and congressional elections in November. Some interesting survey research came out recently that highlights political preferences of smartphone  owners. According to this nationwide online survey conducted by Harris Interactive for mobile marketing and advertising technology provider Velti, smartphone owners are much more likely to vote to re-elect President Obama as opposed to casting their vote for Mitt Romney.  There was a nearly 20% preference for Obama among the nearly 800 Android and iPhone smartphone owners surveyed, indicative of the value smartphone demographic data holds for political campaigns, according to San Francisco-based Velti.

Surveying the voting leanings of U.S. smartphone owners, 49% of iPhone/Android owners said they would vote for President Barack Obama as compared to 31% who said they would vote for Mitt Romney.

Political campaigns may be interested in this type of survey data because reaching potential voters via smartphones is a new form of campaigning. Consumers are using smartphones more and more for things like web surfing and email, and smart campaigns know they must find ways to exploit this growing medium in order to be successful.

The survey results also revealed a significant education gap between supporters of the respective candidates. Thirty-five percent of iPhone/Android owners with a college degree or higher said they would support Romney, while 56% said they would vote for Obama.

Obama holds the lead over Romney if the election were held today whether the respondent owned an iPhone or an Android smartphone, Velti found. Velti’s put together an infographic summarizing the survey results, visible below.

Politics via Smartphone


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