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Christmas Shopping From Your Couch


While some of us enjoy going to the mall or other stores for Christmas shopping, a growing number of us would prefer to skip the lines, if you believe research results offered by Verizon.  According to a survey sponsored by the telecommunications and Internet provider, 87% of U.S. holiday shoppers want to avoid crowded stores and malls in the run-up to Christmas and instead plan on doing at least some of their shopping online.  Avoiding the stress of getting out and shopping in stores in order to fill their holiday shopping lists, Verizon’s survey results found: 21% of respondents intend to shop online while relaxing on their couch; 8% while in bed; and 50% at their home office desk.

When it comes to devices to use to do holiday shopping online, 33% of all consumers  said they will use their home PCs. Ranking a distant second, tablets like an iPad were cited by 3% of all consumers. This year’s nationwide Cyber Monday sales, which takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving, set a new record of $1.5 billion in holiday sales, “enabled by Internet-connected devices that allow customers to connect and accomplish what they want or need to, whenever they wish wherever they are, using the device they prefer,” Verizon elaborated.

High-speed Internet access was the most important home convenience cited by 52% of U.S. consumers in a previously released survey by Verizon. “This is especially true among the most active online users – borderless consumers – the nearly 40 percent of Americans who own PCs, smartphones or tablets, and have an Internet-connectable device with them at all times,” Verizon notes.

“For many of us, the holidays can be as stressful as they are joyful,” Eric Bruno, vice president of FiOS strategy and development for Verizon, was quoted in a press release. “Today’s fast home-Internet speeds, combined with the multitude of connectable devices, are helping to relieve some of the yuletide pressure. This is why also many of the consumers surveyed will do at least some of their shopping online — and although cybershopping is fundamentally driven by convenience, our survey found it’s increasingly about comfort, too.”

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