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Scheduled Internet Maintenance


In order to provide our customers with quality Internet services and keep rates low, Clear Creek Communications is in the process of changing our Internet services backbone provider. A required part of this work includes the changing of your public Internet IP address. What does this mean to you? Chances are that if you do not know what an IP address is or that yours changes from time to time already, you should not be affected. If you would like to learn more about what an IP address is, please visit

If you are currently aware of what your public IP address is and use it to access your home network remotely, then you should take note that it will be changing over the course of 3 days (January 8th, 9th, & 10th). Your network device connected directly to your modem should automatically receive the new IP address during this time frame (but in some rare case may require you to reboot your router or PC). You can find out what your IP is by going to the website . If you have any questions or experience any disruption in your Internet service, please contact our technical support department at (503) 631-2345. If you are currently paying for a static IP address, we will contact you to assign you your new IP address.

To obtain further updates on this topic, please refer to our blog: or our Facebook page:


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