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Email is Popular iPad Activity


We used to use our computer to do email — but that is changing, thanks to devices like the iPad. iPads are now the favorite devices for reading and writing emails, according to results of a survey of U.S. iPad users, beating out the personal computer (PC) and smartphones by a wide margin, according to Perion, a developer of email software. About 90% of survey respondents, a significant majority, reported using their iPads was either very or extremely important for email, with 2/3 saying they used their iPads to check email more than three times a day.

The results are reflective of the growing popularity of tablet use, which, according to Perion “are quickly becoming the most used, and most loved computing device amongst their owners, with one in four adult Americans” owning one.

Carrying out what it believes is the first comprehensive, in-depth study of how and why people use email on iPads, other key findings of Perion’s report include:

  • For Your Viewing Pleasure – 97 percent of iPad users read emails on their device but two-thirds send only a few quick replies, if any. Only 31 percent read and send all their emails from their iPad.
  • Women Use It Differently – Women showed stronger satisfaction with using their iPads for reading emails and are also more likely to send emails compared to men. Additionally, women are more likely to use their iPads for only personal emails at 68 percent while 52 percent of men send business emails as well.
  • Apple Mail Favorite App – Apple Mail is the favorite app for users at 41 percent followed by Gmail at 31 percent and Hotmail at 13 percent. Eighteen percent of users open web browsers and access webmail rather than using an app.
  • Most Popular Device for Email – iPad is clearly the preferred device on which to read and write emails.
  • The most preferred device for reading emails is the Tablet (55%) followed by the PC/Mac (32%) and Mobile Phone (10%)
  • The most preferred device for writing emails is the Tablet (48%) followed by the PC/Mac (41%) and Mobile Phone (9%)
  • More than leisure – While 60 percent of respondents said they used the iPad just for personal emails, 38 percent used the iPad for both personal and work emails debunking the idea that the iPad was a purely leisure product.


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