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Here Come the WiFi Ovens


I’ve talked a lot about WiFi on this blog, with good reason. This wireless technology that allows a growing number of devices to connect to the Internet and thus become ‘smart’ is pervasive in today’s tech society. Case in pointGE is showcasing a WiFi enabled wall oven at this year’s International Builders’ Show. The oven also allows you to install an app on your smartphone or tablet to control it remotely.

Why would anyone want WiFi on their oven or an oven app on their phone you ask? Well there are a couple good reasons I can think of. One, you can turn the oven on and off remotely. Say you want to preheat the oven for dinner that you need to cook later. No need to get off the couch and interrupt that football game you’re watching. Do it from your phone. The combination app/WiFi oven also allows you to run some diagnostics if the oven isn’t working properly.

This WiFi oven is illustrative of the growing penetration of the Internet into everyday life. Other appliances with WiFi connectivity include refrigerators and washing machines. By connecting these appliances to the Internet, manufacturers add a variety of new capabilities, the least of which is a “cool” factor for the younger demographics.

Time will tell whether these types of advances offer lasting value or are just a novelty that we will all laugh at one day – Internet on my oven – haha. I’m not sure yet. I may be a little old fashioned. I don’t mind getting up from the couch to turn the oven on.


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