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Where Wireless Technology is Taking Us


As advanced as wireless technology has become, there is still more to come. Much more. Cellphones, or smartphones as they’re called today, allow us to communicate and interact in ways we couldn’t imagine just a decade ago. Who would have thought you would be able to watch a movie on your phone, just ten years ago. In fact, the communications ability of today’s smartphone is taking a back seat to all of the other applications smartphones now allow.

But what’s to come from wireless technology is even more amazing. We’re now entering the world of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, where devices/machines wirelessly communicate with each other, without the need for human intervention. For example, should you choose, your smartphone can soon become your wallet, where your phone “talks” to the cash register and pays for your purchases.

I recently came across another form of an M2M application, which demonstrates nicely how wireless will change our lives. Introducing the Hop suitcase. The Hop suitcase has wireless sensors in it that communicate with your smartphone, allowing the suitcase to “follow” you, without you pulling or carrying it. Watch the video below for an explanation.

The Hop is a prototype and not yet ready for actual consumer use. And while I could think of some tough issues for the hop to overcome (stairs for example), it is illustrative of the next generation of wireless technology that will impact our lives. Indeed, smartphones are transforming from just fancy communication devices to a hub of a digital lifestyle that is just starting to come into focus. Stay tuned.


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