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Next Generation HDTV – 4K TV


High definition television (HDTV) has been a real game changer for viewing TV. The picture quality is leaps and bounds better than yesterday’s TV picture, which is called standard definition. If you’re like me, you can’t stand watching standard definition TV anymore, especially for sports programming. It’s like flying in first class for the first time. Once you experience it, you never want to go back.

HDTV has been around for over a decade and you can find HDTVs in approximately 60% of all U.S. homes. But the next generation of HDTV, called 4K TV, is already well underway and it promises to do to HDTV what HDTV did to standard definition TV.

Picture quality for TV viewing is often measured by the number of pixels a television can display. A normal HDTV displays close to 2000 horizontal pixels. The upcoming 4K TV, will in effect, double that to 4000 pixels. So you could argue a 4K TV will double the picture quality of today’s HDTVs. Considering how good today’s HDTV picture already is – doubling that quality is quite impressive. PC World published a recent article on 4K TV, offering some good insight into the technology.

4K TVs are in production today, but like when HDTV first came out, they are extremely expensive, and out of reach for most people. A top level 4K TV from Samsung could cost you $20,000 today! But like most technology, as more and more people buy in, the costs will come down. 4K TV is not assured as a replacement for HDTV. The mass market may decide that it is not worth it. But I have seen a 4K TV in action and its picture quality is stunning. If the price is able to come down enough, I think it certainly will give today’s HDTV a run for the money.


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