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What is HomeSync?

Clear Creek’s Managed WiFi is more than just blasting WiFi everywhere. It’s about setting up a network that works specifically with your home, your devices and you. Read more

In the News: FCC Decision on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been a hot news items for many weeks now and will continue to be well into 2018.

A brief history…

On February 26, 2015, the FCC ruled in favor of net neutrality by reclassifying broadband as a common carrier under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 and Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. On April 13, 2015, the FCC published the final rule on its new “net neutrality” regulations. Read more

Preparing for a Safe Online Experience

With hacks, scams, malware and more, the Internet can feel like a dangerous place these days. And, the recent proliferation of devices, from smartphones and tablets to Internet-connected appliances, has opened us up to even greater risks. Read more

Internet Services & Your Kids: Should You Limit Their Time?

If you have noticed your children spending more and more time in front of the computer, consider limiting their internet usage. As helpful as internet services are, spending excessive time on the computer can be detrimental to kids. Read more

The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025

A canvassing of technology experts, builders, and users has found wide agreement that the Internet of Things will make substantial inroads into many aspects of everyday life in the next decade. The expert predictions are  Read more

Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online

A  Pew Research Center survey finds that most internet users would like to be anonymous online, but many think it is not possible to be completely anonymous online. Some of the key findings: Read more

Need Help Setting up WiFi?

Do you have a new laptop, tablet, smart phone, or gaming console? Having trouble setting up WiFi to communicate to those new devices? Clear Creek Communications has a solution for you! We offer Home Wireless Networking support and would be happy to help you get your network setup and working so you can enjoy those new devices to the fullest.

This new service includes:

  • 1 – Wireless N Router
  • Set Up and Configure Router
  • Establish wireless encryption on router to safeguard personal information
  • Connect unlimited number of computers and WiFi devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, e-Readers, and Gaming Consoles) to your network
  • Ongoing phone support troubleshooting for your wireless network and connected WiFi devices
  • Only $7.95 per month and $39 activation fee

Give us a call at 503.631.2101 to order.

Play It Safe!

Worried about security on your computer? Clear Creek has a solution − MySecurity is a security suite that is an easy-to-use, comprehensive security solution that keeps out hackers, viruses, worms, fraudulent emails and other Read more

Beware of Ransomware

Ransomware is the latest Internet security threat to pose a risk to the general public. It is an Internet delivered malware, or malicious Internet threat, that disables a user’s personal computer through a series of announcements that say Read more

Have you run the DNS Changer?

The DNS Changer malware has certainly been in the news recently. There are an estimated 250,000 computers worldwide that may still be infected so the odds of infection are low but if your computer is infected you may not be Read more