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Posts from the ‘Broadband’ Category

A Skype Wedding?

Skype is a growing communications platform that allows users to communicate through voice, video, and chat. It’s a global phenomenon with hundreds of millions of users around the world. It started as a cheaper way to make Read more

Here Come the WiFi Ovens

I’ve talked a lot about WiFi on this blog, with good reason. This wireless technology that allows a growing number of devices to connect to the Internet and thus become ‘smart’ is pervasive in today’s tech society. Case in point Read more

Wi-Fi Will Soon Be Much Faster

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that is familiar to many. Millions of homeowners have installed Wi-Fi networks in their home to access the Internet wirelessly on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even TVs. Wi-Fi networks are Read more

Youth and the Internet

Growing up in an Internet dominated world (at least for them), a comScore study examines how today’s teenagers and young adults are using online sources and tools to seek out and gather information on medicine and health Read more