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Posts from the ‘Useful Websites’ Category

World Wide Web History

The web is getting old enough now to have a growing and interesting history. Some of that history was recently revealed through the publishing, or republishing in this case, of the very first website ever. The website, located at Read more

More Options for New Years Eve

Do you have a time honored tradition for bringing in the New Year? For many of us, watching the celebration unfold in New York’s Times Square on TV is high on the list. Luckily, in today’s hi-tech society, there are many more Read more

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Help

With the New Year approaching, we begin to ponder our New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have scientific data to back this up, but I’d be willing to bet that resolutions centered on fitness and losing weight are probably the most popular Read more

Electronics Rule for the Holidays

Americans love their electronics and the upcoming holiday season surely won’t disappoint. Parks Associates, a Dallas, Texas based market research firm tracks the consumer electronics industry, which includes televisions, smartphones, Read more

Beware of Ransomware

Ransomware is the latest Internet security threat to pose a risk to the general public. It is an Internet delivered malware, or malicious Internet threat, that disables a user’s personal computer through a series of announcements that say Read more

World Back-up Day is March 31st

How often do you back up your computer data? Statistics say probably not often, with only 28% of people backing up their data at least monthly. With the growing importance of our digital life, backing up your computer data becomes Read more

Are You a Leap Year Baby?

Today is Leap Year Day, or February 29th, the day that shows up every four years. I’ve often wondered what happens to people who are born on Leap Year Day? Do they only get to celebrate their birthday every four years? I guess they Read more

New Facebook Privacy Concerns

With the launch of Facebook’s Timeline profile, Facebook and users of other social media sites should be more concerned than ever regarding online security and privacy, and take steps to assure they are protected. Timeline is Read more

Youth and the Internet

Growing up in an Internet dominated world (at least for them), a comScore study examines how today’s teenagers and young adults are using online sources and tools to seek out and gather information on medicine and health Read more

Ranking the Superbowl Ads

Did you see them? Only the annual Superbowl creates as much (maybe more) interest in the advertisements than the main event. It’s the only live sporting event that I record with my DVR, just so I don’t miss them. But I have to say – I Read more