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Posts from the ‘Support’ Category

Are Wireless Phones Ready for 911

Wireless phones add tremendous value to our lives. They give us the ability to communicate almost anywhere. The new features that come with smartphones like the iPhone and Droid are truly incredible, giving us a window to the world in Read more

National EAS Test

On Wednesday, November 9 at 11 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time), FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct the nation’s first ever Emergency Alert System (EAS) test. The purpose of this test is to help Read more

Copyright Infringement

Have you received a letter from Clear Creek Communications regarding illegal download activity on your computer(s)? Not sure what it means and what next steps to take? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding Read more

Changing Browser Font Sizes

When visiting any web page on the Internet you may come across small text that is difficult or impossible to read. If the font does not have a set size, you can increase or decrease the font size using any of the below computer shortcuts. Read more

Computer Not Cooperating

Clear Creek can help you find peace of mind when your computer won’t do what you want it to or, when it won’t do anything at all. Many Clear Creek customers have tried the PC Repair Service offered by Clear Creek and Molalla Read more