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Posts tagged ‘Apps’

Where Wireless Technology is Taking Us

As advanced as wireless technology has become, there is still more to come. Much more. Cellphones, or smartphones as they’re called today, allow us to communicate and interact in ways we couldn’t imagine just a decade ago. Who Read more

Email is Popular iPad Activity

We used to use our computer to do email — but that is changing, thanks to devices like the iPad. iPads are now the favorite devices for reading and writing emails, according to results of a survey of U.S. iPad users, beating out the Read more

More Options for New Years Eve

Do you have a time honored tradition for bringing in the New Year? For many of us, watching the celebration unfold in New York’s Times Square on TV is high on the list. Luckily, in today’s hi-tech society, there are many more Read more

Educators Increasingly Looking to Apps

Efforts to catch up with the digital era and revamp educational methods and tools are gaining traction as some schools and school systems are ramping up their efforts to introduce educational apps and use technology like tablets in the Read more

Romney VP Pick Will Come via an App

Technology heavily influences politics these days. For example, politicians have become hip to the power of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. President Obama has 18 million Twitter followers. Mitt Romney has over 3 million “likers” Read more

Hi-Tech Plant Care

If you’re like me, you’re thumb is definitely not green. I’ve been known to murder a plant or two — not intentionally of course. More so due to my lack of expertise regarding proper plant care. Maybe ‘plantslaughter’ Read more

Hi-Tech Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is already upon us and the holiday shopping season officially begins this week with Black Friday. Where did the year go? I came across some interesting trends regarding Christmas shopping and the increasing use of Read more