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Posts tagged ‘Future’

Streaming Weddings on the Rise

American couples, wedding planners and videographers are increasingly streaming weddings and nuptial events live via the Web. Nearly 20,000 weddings have been streamed live over Ustream’s social video streaming platform in the last year, a 12-month increase of more than 250%, according to Read more

Your Body as a Medical Network

Medical researchers at the University of Buffalo (UB) are working to develop a human “body area network” technology based on ultrasound waves. Using a miniaturized version of the same sonar technology used for submarine Read more

Here Come the WiFi Ovens

I’ve talked a lot about WiFi on this blog, with good reason. This wireless technology that allows a growing number of devices to connect to the Internet and thus become ‘smart’ is pervasive in today’s tech society. Case in point Read more

Computer Mouse Faces Extermination

As I watch my own children grow, I sometimes find myself fascinated as I witness them interact with technology. They are a part of generation that has never experienced life without the Internet, cell phones, or Google. Technology  Read more

Renew Your Drivers License via an iPad

The growth of tablet computers is a truly remarkable technology story. Tablet computers include devices like the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and most recently the Google Nexus 7. We’ve basically witnessed the creation Read more

Soon, Waiters Might be Toast

There is a growing experiment in a number of restaurant chains to replace waiters with automated table service — managed from a computer screen at your table. Could this be the first sign of the end of waiters and waitresses? Read more

Hi-Tech Plant Care

If you’re like me, you’re thumb is definitely not green. I’ve been known to murder a plant or two — not intentionally of course. More so due to my lack of expertise regarding proper plant care. Maybe ‘plantslaughter’ Read more

Would You Turn Your Own Body Into a Network?

Communications networks are all around us. Most everyone uses them on a daily basis. If you work in an office environment, use a bank ATM, connect to the Internet, or make a telephone call (wireless or wired), you are using a Read more

Look Out … Driverless Cars

Recent technology advances by the military has led to the increased use of aerial drones, which are basically mini airplanes, sans a pilot. It’s a remarkable technology achievement — the stuff of science fiction movies only a decade or Read more

Libraries Redefining in Digital Age

Public libraries are among the longstanding public institutions most threatened to be left behind by a digital information revolution, now decades-long in the running, that shows no signs of abating. Rather than fighting against the tide, the Read more