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Posts tagged ‘Gadgets’

The Web via Cell Phone

The proliferation of Web-enabled smartphones and greater access to 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks is fueling a surge in Internet usage on cell phones. How much so? According to figures compiled by StatCounter, Read more

eBook Sales Sees Dramatic Rise

The rise of eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle and tablets like the Apple iPad are driving more eBook sales. eBooks are downloaded over the Internet to an eBook reader or tablet and replace the need to buy the actual paper version of Read more

Gadgets on Airplanes

It’s no secret that the demand for technology and gadgets is on the rise. We love our computers, tablets, and smartphones. That interest and love in gadgets is not just the domain of the house, car, or work anymore. Increasingly, we are  Read more

Here Come the WiFi Ovens

I’ve talked a lot about WiFi on this blog, with good reason. This wireless technology that allows a growing number of devices to connect to the Internet and thus become ‘smart’ is pervasive in today’s tech society. Case in point Read more

Email is Popular iPad Activity

We used to use our computer to do email — but that is changing, thanks to devices like the iPad. iPads are now the favorite devices for reading and writing emails, according to results of a survey of U.S. iPad users, beating out the Read more

Electronics Rule for the Holidays

Americans love their electronics and the upcoming holiday season surely won’t disappoint. Parks Associates, a Dallas, Texas based market research firm tracks the consumer electronics industry, which includes televisions, smartphones, Read more

Gadgets Hurting Your Sleep?

Most of us now have at least one. Lots of us have many. Gadgets – they’re everywhere. From smartphones to tablets to notebook laptops, gadgets have become pervasive in everyday life. These gadgets can offer tremendous Read more

Are You a Distracted Walker?

One of the downsides in the growing importance of technology in our daily lives is the distraction factor. Many of us are “connected” most, if not all of the time, and we tend to let that distract us from everyday activities. Perhaps the most Read more

Renew Your Drivers License via an iPad

The growth of tablet computers is a truly remarkable technology story. Tablet computers include devices like the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and most recently the Google Nexus 7. We’ve basically witnessed the creation Read more

A Minute in Internet Life

The growth in processing power for computers and other tech gadgets and the amount of data that processing power now creates is truly amazing. To put this in perspective, consider that all of the computing power required to put a man Read more