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Posts tagged ‘Social Networks’

How Teens Use Social Media

U.S. teens are sharing more personal information on social media sites than ever before, but while they are taking both technical and non-technical steps to protect their privacy, they are not overly concerned about third parties Read more

Social Media Dominates Online Time

U.S. consumers continue to spend more time on social media sites than any other category of websites: roughly 20% of the total time they spend online via personal computer and 30% of total time spent online via mobile devices, Read more

Social Media Impacts College Acceptance

One of the most active demographic groups on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are high school and college aged kids. After all Facebook was founded in a Harvard University dorm. Kids love social media, but there are Read more

Police Enlist Twitter for Crime Beat

Twitter may be the second most popular social networking site, behind Facebook — for now anyway. Twitter is a way for one person, company, or organization to broadcast messages to an audience of followers. You may have Read more

Olympians Get Social Media Rules

The ascension of social media in everyday life is quite remarkable. When you think that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest did not exist just a decade or so ago, you realize just how quickly social media has captured the Read more

New Facebook Privacy Concerns

With the launch of Facebook’s Timeline profile, Facebook and users of other social media sites should be more concerned than ever regarding online security and privacy, and take steps to assure they are protected. Timeline is Read more