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eBook Sales Sees Dramatic Rise

The rise of eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle and tablets like the Apple iPad are driving more eBook sales. eBooks are downloaded over the Internet to an eBook reader or tablet and replace the need to buy the actual paper version of Read more

Teens & Tech Report

It’s no secret that teenagers are active technology users. Some might argue (me among them) that many teens use technology too much and could be even addicted to it. Recent research results from the  Pew Internet & American Life Read more

Email is Popular iPad Activity

We used to use our computer to do email — but that is changing, thanks to devices like the iPad. iPads are now the favorite devices for reading and writing emails, according to results of a survey of U.S. iPad users, beating out the Read more

More Options for New Years Eve

Do you have a time honored tradition for bringing in the New Year? For many of us, watching the celebration unfold in New York’s Times Square on TV is high on the list. Luckily, in today’s hi-tech society, there are many more Read more

Electronics Rule for the Holidays

Americans love their electronics and the upcoming holiday season surely won’t disappoint. Parks Associates, a Dallas, Texas based market research firm tracks the consumer electronics industry, which includes televisions, smartphones, Read more

Renew Your Drivers License via an iPad

The growth of tablet computers is a truly remarkable technology story. Tablet computers include devices like the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and most recently the Google Nexus 7. We’ve basically witnessed the creation Read more

And You Thought iPads Were Just for Humans

Among many factors, ease of use is what makes the iPad a fabulously successful product. At one point, the iPad registered as the fasted adopted consumer gadget in history. Sixty-seven million of them have been sold as of the end of Read more

Churches See Promise in Technology

Like many institutions before it including, schools, libraries, local governments, and others, churches are now beginning to embrace technology. Technology had gotten off to somewhat of a rough start in some churches. I’ve read about Read more

Barnes and Noble is Latest to Join the Tablet Frenzy

The tablet, a device that was unheard of just two years ago, is now a new category of consumer electronic device with explosive growth. Consumers are embracing tablets so fast that at one point, Apple’s iPad was the fastest selling Read more

How Do You Use Your Tablet?

Nielsen Research, part of the same company that does TV ratings, recently published some research that shows 40% of tablet (iPad is the most popular) and smartphone users are using these devices while watching TV simultaneously.

Read more