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Posts tagged ‘Teens’

How Teens Use Social Media

U.S. teens are sharing more personal information on social media sites than ever before, but while they are taking both technical and non-technical steps to protect their privacy, they are not overly concerned about third parties Read more

Teens & Tech Report

It’s no secret that teenagers are active technology users. Some might argue (me among them) that many teens use technology too much and could be even addicted to it. Recent research results from the  Pew Internet & American Life Read more

Technology in the Classroom

Use of digital information and communications technology has become a core aspect of education in middle and secondary schools in the U.S. But nearly ubiquitous access to the Internet, mobile phones, and social media have also Read more

Internet Privacy Drives Alias Popularity

Do you use your real name when registering for Internet sites? Getting online means exposing yourself to an ever-expanding diversity of threats. Concerned about privacy and the security of personal data, Internet users commonly use Read more

Student Distraction on the Rise?

A survey of Advanced Placement, National Writing Program and secondary school teachers conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals decidedly mixed opinions on the effects digital technology is having on students’ Read more

Youth and the Internet

Growing up in an Internet dominated world (at least for them), a comScore study examines how today’s teenagers and young adults are using online sources and tools to seek out and gather information on medicine and health Read more