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Soaps Find Second Life Online

Soap operas like All My Children and One Life to Live were staples of American TV. They had quite an impressive TV run of 40+ years on the air, before ABC cancelled them both in 2011. But thanks to the Internet, both legendary soap Read more

Next Generation HDTV – 4K TV

High definition television (HDTV) has been a real game changer for viewing TV. The picture quality is leaps and bounds better than yesterday’s TV picture, which is called standard definition. If you’re like me, you can’t stand watching Read more

Buy an HDTV for the Super Bowl?

Looks like we buy more than just chips, dip, chicken wings, and beer for the Super Bowl. Much more. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) just reported that close to one-fourth of all HD television buyers, buy there set for the express purpose of watching the Super Bowl in HD. Read more

More Options for New Years Eve

Do you have a time honored tradition for bringing in the New Year? For many of us, watching the celebration unfold in New York’s Times Square on TV is high on the list. Luckily, in today’s hi-tech society, there are many more Read more

Electronics Rule for the Holidays

Americans love their electronics and the upcoming holiday season surely won’t disappoint. Parks Associates, a Dallas, Texas based market research firm tracks the consumer electronics industry, which includes televisions, smartphones, Read more

New Connected TVs Pose an Old Risk

One of the more interesting innovations in televisions these days is the concept of connected TVs. Sometimes referred to as Smart TVs, these new entertainment hubs connect your TV to the Internet and open a new world of entertainment Read more

Ranking the Superbowl Ads

Did you see them? Only the annual Superbowl creates as much (maybe more) interest in the advertisements than the main event. It’s the only live sporting event that I record with my DVR, just so I don’t miss them. But I have to say – I Read more

Great New HDTV Resource

Are you in the market for a new HDTV? Have we got a resource for you. Technology website CNET has created a great comparison site, which they claim compares “most of the new 2012 HDTVs.” They have over 150 HDTVs in this Read more

TV Still Rules

Despite all the growing options to watch video on a range of other devices, TV maintains it place as the most popular and widespread consumer media device in the U.S. The fact is, we Americans love our TV. In fact, there are four or more Read more

How Do You Use Your Tablet?

Nielsen Research, part of the same company that does TV ratings, recently published some research that shows 40% of tablet (iPad is the most popular) and smartphone users are using these devices while watching TV simultaneously.

Read more