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Posts tagged ‘Wireless’

The Web via Cell Phone

The proliferation of Web-enabled smartphones and greater access to 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks is fueling a surge in Internet usage on cell phones. How much so? According to figures compiled by StatCounter, Read more

Your Body as a Medical Network

Medical researchers at the University of Buffalo (UB) are working to develop a human “body area network” technology based on ultrasound waves. Using a miniaturized version of the same sonar technology used for submarine Read more

Teens & Tech Report

It’s no secret that teenagers are active technology users. Some might argue (me among them) that many teens use technology too much and could be even addicted to it. Recent research results from the  Pew Internet & American Life Read more

Where Wireless Technology is Taking Us

As advanced as wireless technology has become, there is still more to come. Much more. Cellphones, or smartphones as they’re called today, allow us to communicate and interact in ways we couldn’t imagine just a decade ago. Who Read more

Check Your Cell Phone at the Door

Is there anything more annoying then listening to someone else’s loud conversation while eating dinner at your favorite restaurant? Maybe. But the list is short. Unfortunately one drawback to the adoption of technology is a loss of Read more

Are You a Distracted Walker?

One of the downsides in the growing importance of technology in our daily lives is the distraction factor. Many of us are “connected” most, if not all of the time, and we tend to let that distract us from everyday activities. Perhaps the most Read more

Hi-Tech Plant Care

If you’re like me, you’re thumb is definitely not green. I’ve been known to murder a plant or two — not intentionally of course. More so due to my lack of expertise regarding proper plant care. Maybe ‘plantslaughter’ Read more

Churches See Promise in Technology

Like many institutions before it including, schools, libraries, local governments, and others, churches are now beginning to embrace technology. Technology had gotten off to somewhat of a rough start in some churches. I’ve read about Read more