Choose the Internet Plan to Meet Your Needs 

Clear Creek Communications has a variety of high speed Internet services — you can select how fast you want to go. No matter how you use the web, when you connect with Clear Creek, your options are limitless. Plus, each Internet account includes access to a suite of communication and collaboration tools. Please select the options to the left for more information or call a friendly, customer service representative at (503) 631-2101.


We're Moving To A New Webmail Platform!

Clear Creek Communications is moving email services away from Google to a new platform currently planned for the week of May 25th. What this means is a new look for your webmail, some new settings for your email software (like Outlook and Mac Mail), and for some people, a moderate change in functionality. The process will have us migrating email messages, webmail folders, your webmail contacts, and your email address to the new webmail platform. For complete details, please click here.