3 Ways to Keep Your Landline Telephone Spam-Free

Patty TerhuneHelp Center, Telephone

Plenty of distractions can derail your daily responsibilities, but few are more annoying than spam telephone calls. They’re a nuisance for every phone user, and they’re especially prevalent on landline connections. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with unwanted calls forever, and you certainly don’t have to give them the time of day.

So how should you handle the next robocall that comes through your telephone? Here are a few ways to keep your landline spam-free:

  • Reject Anonymous Calls: Many telephone companies offer a variation on anonymous call rejection. By enabling this feature on your landline, you can see through the popular telemarketing tactic of blocking caller ID information. Knowing when to reject anonymous calls is a great weapon to have in your spam prevention arsenal, so ask your provider about anonymous call rejection today.
  • Consider a Call-Blocking Device: Those who want to take their spam-blocking capabilities to the next level should consider a call-blocking device. There are a few on the market that vary in price—small devices range anywhere from $60 to $100 and up—which allow users to blacklist specific numbers and whitelist others.
  • Do Not Interact: While it may not directly block numbers, avoiding all interaction with spam calls is a good way to get your message across. If you do pick up a spam call, don’t press numbers or respond in any way. The sooner an auto-dialer lists your number as inactive, the better.

Don’t let obnoxious robocalls interrupt your time at home. If you take action now, you can eliminate the pangs of dread that surface every time your house phone rings.