Are You a Leap Year Baby?

Patty TerhuneUncategorized

Today is Leap Year Day, or February 29th, the day that shows up every four years. I’ve often wondered what happens to people who are born on Leap Year Day? Do they only get to celebrate their birthday every four years? I guess they¬†end up celebrating it on Feb. 28th or March 1st on non-leap years, but that just doesn’t seem fair. Turns out their are about 4 million people who fall into this category – birthdays on Feb 29th.

The Huffington Post published some interesting tidbits regarding Leap Year (see infographic below). For example did you know:

  • The chance of being born on Leap Day is 1 in 1,461
  • Our calendar would be off by 24 days every 100 years without a leap year day. That means Easter would end up being in Winter rather than Spring.
  • Julius Ceaser was the first to implement Leap Year, way back in 45 B.C.

For this Leap Year (2012), 56 countries have agreed to call Feb 29th Rare Disease Day, in the hopes of bringing more attention and research to diseases which currently have no cure. Turns out there’s a lot that happens on Leap Day, even if it only comes around every four years.

Leap Year infographic