World Back-up Day is March 31st

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How often do you back up your computer data? Statistics say probably not often, with only 28% of people backing up their data at least monthly. With the growing importance … Read More

Protect Important Data

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Oh NO! My computer’s hard disk drive just crashed and the computer technician is asking if I have a backup of the data. Well, not exactly, not really. His next … Read More

Solar Outages Expected

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Solar outages are a natural phenomenon which occur twice a year (in the spring and fall), when the sun is positioned directly in line with the ground based satellite dish … Read More

Are You a Leap Year Baby?

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Today is Leap Year Day, or February 29th, the day that shows up every four years. I’ve often wondered what happens to people who are born on Leap Year Day? … Read More

Yellow Page Opt Out Available

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There’s finally a way to rid your doorstep of unwanted telephone directories. The National Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers has launched YellowPagesOptOut, an easy-to-use website where customers … Read More