Clear Creek Service Update on Winter Storm Outages

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

Good morning everyone. PGE has made so big strides in the exchange however most of our sites remain on generator. Their focus, like ours, has been on distribution plant. Currently we have 20 generators deployed around the exchange and they run for 6-8 hours. We are doing everything we can to keep them gassed up and also moving around the exchange making repairs in between gassing generators.

Once we have all the generators gassed up this morning we will be working on the following areas:

  • Henrici, Creek Rd and Seal Ct.
  • Potter and Bradley
  • Bakers Ferry, Harding and Gerber
  • Eaden Rd and Bristlin

We continue to focus on plant restoration and unfortunately, we are not at a point where we have the resources to handle individual trouble calls. If a member has a failed set top box, we can arrange to have one picked up at the office.

We will report back this evening with how we did today.

Thank you for the continued support.