Clear Creek Service Update on Winter Storm Outages

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

We gained more ground today.

As of 5:30pm, about 1350 members are back online, so we are gaining a couple of hundred a day. It also appears PGE had a very successful day with power restored on most of Springwater and Bakers Ferry, Gerber and the south end of Mattoon. They were working on the north end of Mattoon this evening.

We still have COAX plant operating on generator on Bradley/Holcomb Rd. A very gracious member on Potter is allowing us to plug our power supply into an exterior outlet on their house which is a tremendous help. This coming week, we should be able to get the power drops hooked up.

The Henrici node continues to operate 100% on generator so the same outages will occur until power is restored to Dillman and Creek Rd. On a positive note, we only have 8 generators now to maintain.

The Hattan Rd node is also operating on generator due to Edgewood Ln being off commercial power.

Jubb Rd also is operating on generator until the power supply can be hooked back up to power.

The contractors were able to get Harding Rd finished and then our crew cut the new plant back into service. From there, they moved to Redland Rd going down to Viola and will finish that up in the morning. After Redland/Viola is finished, they will be moving to Lyons and Gerber. The order has not been established yet, but both have a lot of work to be done.

PGE was working on Bradley Rd/Redland Rd this afternoon and evening and should have that back going tomorrow sometime. We suffered significant damage in that area and have not been able to get in to assess due the damage PGE endured.

We are hoping to see more power advancements tomorrow as PGE moves through the area.

Thank you for all the support and a huge thank you to the plant crew who have not let up since the storm hit last week. Also, thank you to our support staff who have been handling a tremendous amount of calls the last week.

Thank you and we will get back after it tomorrow!