Clear Creek Service Update on Winter Storm Outages

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

Good Morning. My apologies for not getting an outage report out yesterday.

We made some really good progress yesterday, particularly on Lyons Rd which serves Sprague, Pear, Badger, Indigo, Forest Hills and others. The aerial plant, both coax and fiber, has been put back on the new poles and ready for splicing. Our friends at Reliance Connects in Estacada are going to be assisting us with splicing in the cable. I am not ready to give a firm commitment on when turn up will be, but we are inching closer. One of the biggest challenges for us when we put power and signal on the system is, we can often have issues present themselves that were not visually apparent. The system has many active components that can fail once energized. Members in this area can except outages to persist as we move through the roads fed by this plant. We will do our best to communicate as we move through the process of bring the node and plant back online.

Today our aerial team will be moving to McCubbin which suffered significant plant damage and Bradley/Redland. This also was an area that was heavily damaged during the storm.

Also, on the list but no timetable available currently for Maplelane and Neiber Rd. PGE just recently moved out of these areas and have the aerial teams deployed in other areas. Both areas have plant damage and require the aerial plant teams. As we get done with a restoration, we move to the next. Once these bigger repairs are made, we can split the teams up.

TJ and Cooper are moving through individual drop repairs and signal related issues. These are priorities by regions so that they are not having to move from one end of the exchange to the other.

Kenny is taking on in-home issues and moving though those by region so that we are not burning time drive from one side of the exchange to the other in-between jobs.

We have one area left on generator, Clear Acres, which feeds lower Hatton and Bakers Ferry. We are very hopeful that PGE gets this road back on power soon. I know we have some members that feel the same.

Thank you everyone for the patience and help through this event. Please know this is a “all hands-on deck” and will be until we get everyone back online.