Clear Creek Service Update on Winter Storm Outages

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

Good Morning!

Yesterday was another monumental day for the restoration crew. We are very happy to report that Node 124 serving Lyons Rd, Sprague, Pear, Indigo, Badger, Forest Hill and Greenview is back online. Right before dark last night, the team did not want to call it a day until it was back online. As it stands right now, about 75% of the area is back online. Like always, when we put commercial power back on the plant, there is going to be electronics that suffer damage. Today we will be going around that area and troubleshooting the electronics and getting more members online. We have some plant rebuild in the area that is feeder to rebuild. This restoration would not have been possible without our friends at Reliance Connects who sent a tech, truck, and splicing trailer to help get this node back online.

Through this entire event, we have been pulling resources from independent Telco’s like Clear Creek. Companies like DirectLink (Canby), Reliance Connects (Estacada), Scio Telephone and Stayton Telephone have been bringing generators, materials, call support and technicians. We have also been leveraging contractors to help with the coax plant rebuild. Thank you to these companies and people have helped get Clear Creek members back online!

In addition to Lyons, we also were able to rebuild the heavily damaged area of Bradley and Redland Rd. This also was spliced into service.

Today we have a replacement pole to install on Redland Rd in the Viola area that was damaged by the storm and falling trees. Once placed, we have some feeder plant to rebuild and splice back into service.

A team will also be working to restore service on McCubbin Rd today. This is a rebuild and splice back into service as well.

Cooper and Kenny continue to work through individual house issues (Down drops and Member Premise Equipment repair/replacement). Techs working on splicing restoration are also taking trouble tickets and working them in between jobs.

Once the major rebuild areas are under control and back online, we will be dividing up the larger crews and to assist with tackling the individual trouble tickets.

As of this morning we are 80% restored. After today’s victories we should be 90% restored.

Thank you everyone for the continued support and patience.