Clear Creek Service Update on Winter Storm Outages

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

Good Morning!

Yesterday we continued to work on getting Lyons, Sprague, Pear, and Indigo back online and most are back up. Just like in many areas, there are many individual down drops that we continue to move through.

We have about 150-200 individual drop reports. Many of them are on Bradley, Redland, Bakers Ferry and Springwater Rd. We have teams dedicated to get those back up and running.

Today, we are going to finish bringing McCubbin back online. Yesterday, the crews were able to get the aerial plant back up and today the splicers will be moving in to bring the area back online.

Also, today the restoration team will be moving to Maplelane and Walker road. Like many areas, these were heavily damaged and this restoration is going to take a while. We identified a power supply on Walker Rd. that was destroyed, and this is going to cause a delay in the restoration. I will provide updates on how we progress in this area this evening.

Neiber Rd is another area that has significant destruction to the aerial plant. This is also on the list to start restoration today but this is going to take time as well, with the damage incurred.

We also have an issue on Redland Rd. in the Viola area that we will be working on this morning. CATV is back up but we have something blocking internet signal.

Thank you everyone for the support.