Clear Creek Service Update on Winter Storm Outages

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

Right now, we have 60 modems online out of 2000. Half of the 60 that are online are on Grasle/ North End Rd. Then we have about 30 online right in Redland around the CO. The garage and store are open with limited service.

The legacy phone system has for the most part failed do to the extent of the power outage.

What we are doing today. Brian, Cooper, and Ted are going into the office by 10am. Brian is going to take the CO off generator power. Cooper and Ted will be assessing the extent of the damage and what is accessible. The forecast is looking like tomorrow should be the start of improvement so our hope is we can begin restoration.

This is going to be slow process. Our hope is PGE will make some headway with power restoration today and tomorrow. However, the entire Clackamas county has extensive power plant damage so this will also be a slow process. In our exchange there is countless spans of power and communications on the ground. We can not begin to hang these cable until PGE is done with there rebuild.