Clear Creek Service Update

Patty TerhuneAnnouncements, Community Interest, Winter Storm 2021

Good Morning.

Our outside plant and contractors continue to make advancements throughout the exchange. Yesterday evening they were able to get most of Maplelane, Walker Rd, Thayer and Copley Ct back online. The team attached new mainline cable on Maplelane and we have the power supply on Walker Rd temporally powered thanks to a gracious member. PGE should have the power supply wired back in to commercial power soon. We still have some feeder plant to splice in today and a few isolated members still offline in this area. Our teams will continue to work on getting everyone back online in the affected area.

Today, the construction crew is moving to Neibur Rd where we have significant plant damage as well. The Neibur Rd damage is also affecting part of Redland Rd, Hidden Lake and Garden Lane. Much like Maplelane, we have quite a bit of construction to do before the area can be brought back online.

The rest of the exchange, we are mostly down to individual drop damage and outages related to damaged electronics. Every day we are getting to as many as those individual tickets as we can. Our plant department is trying to communicate to our support staff what tickets they have so that everyone knows where exactly our crews will be. We are making effort to get through these as quickly as we can.

As of this morning, we are down to about 100 modems offline. About 30 modems of the 100 still offline are on Neibur, Redland and Garden Lane.

Here is a high-level map of the Neibur Rd area.