How to Use your Voice Mail

Patty Terhune

Logging into your Clear Creek voicemail for the first time:

To set up voicemail, dial your 10-digit home telephone number (from any phone). Once the greeting begins to play, press the star key (*), and follow the prompts to record your name and configure your new password (You may also dial *99 from your home phone to access your new mailbox.). Your temporary password is your 10-digit phone number.

Voicemail Menu:

Clear Creek Voicemail Commands – Main Menu
1 New Messages
2 Change folders (NEW/OLD)
0 Mailbox options
Press 1 – New Messages Submenu
1 Skip message intro
4 Play previous message
5 Repeat
6 Play next message
7 Delete
8 Forward
9 Save
* Help
# Exit
Press 2 – Change Folders Submenu
0 Switch to new messages
1 Switch to old messages
2-4 Additional folder options
Press 3 – Mailbox Options Submenu
5 Press 5 to leave a message
* Return to main menu

Checking voicemail when away from home:

Messages can be checked from any phone. Dial your 10-digit telephone number, wait until your greeting starts, and press *. You will be prompted to enter your password.

Voicemail to email or text:

This system allows several options for receiving voicemails. You can have your voicemails delivered directly to your email inbox as an attachment or via a text message. Please call our office at 503-631-2101 to have this set up for you.

Accessing your mailbox:

  • Dial the Voice Mail System by entering your 10-digit telephone number from any phone. Alternatively, from the telephone your home phone, dial *99 or 503-631-5000.
  • When dialing *99 or (503) 631-5000, you will be asked to ‘Please enter your mailbox number.’ Enter your ten-digit telephone number.
  • Enter your password. Your password will be your 10 digit telephone number the first time you call. You will be prompted to change this. Please remember your new password, as you will need it each time you access your voicemail.

Customizing your greetings or changing your password:

Once you have recorded your name for your initial greeting, you can customize your unavailable, busy, and temporary greetings. Access this menu by pressing 0 after logging into your mailbox.


  • Press 1:  Record your unavailable message
  • Press 2:  Record your busy message
  • Press 3:  Record your name
  • Press 4:  Record your temporary greeting
  • Press 5:  Change your password
  • Press *:  Return to Main Menu

To change your password:

  • Press 5 while in the above menu
  • Enter new password, followed by the # key. The password is any series of up to 16 digits you choose. You will be unable to access your mail box without this password, so be sure to choose
    one you will remember.
  • To verify, enter your password, followed by the # key.

Managing your messages:

Your voicemail box is configured with multiple folders to organize your voicemails. New messages are stored in the New Folder, and messages you have listened to are
moved to the Old Folder. Once you have listened to a message, you may leave them in the Old Folder or move them to one of the others. Your choices are Friends, Family, or work. Below is a list of the most common message tasks.

  • Press 4:  To Play the previous message
  • Press 5:  To repeat the current message
  • Press 6:  To play the next message
  • Press 7:  To delete the current message