My Security


MySecurity is a security suite that is an easy-to-use, comprehensive security solution that keeps out hackers, viruses, worms, fraudulent emails and other threats. It uses award-winning firewall technology from Zone Labs, and includes antivirus, phishing & spam protection, Web site filtering, privacy protection, instant messaging security, and more.
Key Features Include:

Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.
Stops viruses and worms, and protects against emerging viruses before they attack.
Protects against identity theft and online profiling.
Quarantines suspicious email attachments and blocks outbound messages containing potential viruses.
Protects users of the most popular IM services and shields you from IM spammers, thieves, and online predators. Blocks access to offensive Web site content.
Anti-Phishing & Spam Blocker automatically stop dangerous phishing emails and spam from getting into your inbox. Plus, they constantly adapt to the ever-changing techniques of professional spammers — protecting you against the latest ‘phishing’ schemes.
Automatically secures PCs connected to wireless networks-at home or on the road.
System Requirements:
Windows XP:

XP Service Pack 2 or 3
1 GHz processor or higher
Minimum system RAM: 1 GB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit):

Service Pack 1 or 2 (Vista only)
2 GHz processor or higher
Minimum system RAM: 2 GB
250 MB of available hard disk space.
This award winning security suite is available for $4.95/month with any Clear Creek Internet account.
Click here for installation instructions.