Internet Services & Your Kids: Should You Limit Their Time?

Patty TerhuneHelp Center, Internet

If you have noticed your children spending more and more time in front of the computer, consider limiting their internet usage. As helpful as internet services are, spending excessive time on the computer can be detrimental to kids. While the web can be fun, it can also be just as enjoyable to spend some time away from the screen. Review these three excellent reasons to consider limiting your children’s time on the internet.

More Family Time
Laptops, smartphones, and tablets have made the internet accessible from practically any location. The arrival of these devices has been convenient in many ways, yet they have often reduced the amount of time families spend together. Children—and even parents—spend precious time on the internet instead of engaging with each other. Limiting internet usage provides everyone in your household with the chance to look up from their devices and spend quality time together.

Increased Focus on Schoolwork
Overuse of the internet has the power to interfere with schoolwork and study time, which subsequently affects your children’s grades. Rather than allowing their grades to suffer because they are spending too much time playing online games or watching funny cat videos, designate certain days and hours for internet time, such as on a Saturday morning or Sunday night.

Recreational Fun
Fresh air and sunshine are important for growing kids, as well as the exercise of playing outdoor games and sports. Too much time in front of the screen, whether it be computer, TV, or both, has been linked to weight gain and related health problems. Decreasing internet time is subsequently helpful in raising active, healthy children.

Set internet guidelines for your kids…they will be grateful you did someday!