Internet Speeds That Meet Your Needs

Clear Creek offers fast internet speeds that allows you to stream video, play online games, download music, upload photos, and more,
across multiple devices in your home without sacrificing performance. Enough speed to support all of the devices in your home and
No Data Caps or Contracts!

EXPRESS 1-2 Devices




  • Web Searching

  • Check Emails

  • 1-2 In-Home Users

PRIME 2-4 Devices




  • Light Online Gaming User

  • Moderate Video Streaming

  • 4 In-Home Users

ELITE 6-8 Devices




  • Extreme Speeds for Heavy Usage

  • Great for Multi-Player Gamer

  • 6+ Heavy Users

HomeSync Plus can be controlled by you through the included and easy-to-use SmartHub app. Or leave the management to us. Either way, you'll enjoy a reliable, strong WiFi connection for all your devices.

Identify Network Invaders. Monitor the number of devices connected to your network at any time and how much of your connection they’re consuming. You can even disconnect them at the touch of a button.

Differentiate Multiple Identical Devices. If you have several similar devices, HomeSync Plus lets you custom name each one for easy identifucation.

Name Your Network. Easily change your WiFi network name from CCCSR-71 to CoolestDadEver or Luke Skyrouter from within the SmartHub app.

Limit Screen Time. The built in Parental Controls will let you set time limits and access by device.

Supports Existing and Future Devices. HomeSync Plus is WiFi 6.0 capable of delivering not only a faster WiFi connection, but it will support today’s phones, smart home devices or gaming consoles and those that will be released years from now.

Remote Speed Tests. Test your incoming Internet signal as well as the signal strength connecting each device from anywhere on the SmartHub app.

Reboot Remotely. Check on the network status, and, if needed reboot your home WiFi through the SmartHub app from anywhere.