Do you qualify for a discount on your bill? – Oregon Lifeline

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Oregon Lifeline is a federal and state government program that provides a discount on phone ($12.25) or high-speed internet (16.25) service for qualifying low-income households. From February 1 – June 30, 2021, qualifying low-income households will receive an additional $5.00 discount per month. Visit or call 1-800-848-4442, Monday – … Read More

Clear Creek Service Update

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Good Morning. Our outside plant and contractors continue to make advancements throughout the exchange. Yesterday evening they were able to get most of Maplelane, Walker Rd, Thayer and Copley Ct back online. The team attached new mainline cable on Maplelane and we have the power supply on Walker Rd temporally … Read More

Possible TV outages due to upcoming solar flares

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During the upcoming Spring Equinox and the surrounding weeks, there is a chance that television services may see interruptions due to an increase in solar flares. This happens for about one week, twice per year, during the spring and fall equinox seasons and could affect TV service. A solar outage … Read More