Clear Creek Company News

Annual Meeting Edition

Members were mailed our annual meeting letter, announcing the date of our annual meeting and the candidates for the Director Election.  Included with the letter was:

  • Clear Lines Newsletter with 2021 Board of Director Candidate Statements
  • Ballot for Director election
  • Envelopes for returning ballot

The annual meeting will be held on Thursday, April 29th at 7PM across the street at the Redland Grange Hall.  We hope to see you there!

Please rember to vote!  Make sure to fill out your ballot and send it back to the Clear Creek Office by 5:00 p.m. on April 29th.

Voice Mail Upgrade Scheduled for March 23, 2021  03-10-2021 

Great news!  On March 23rd, Clear Creek Communications will upgrade your voice mail.

The new voice mail system will now allow for longer messages, up to 4 minutes in length, and support outgoing greetings up to 4 minutes as well.  Messages in your inbox will no longer expire and storage capacity for the voice mail box is now over 25 times larger.

In preparation for the transition to this new system, we recommend you listen to and delete any unwanted or stored messages in your current mailbox, as these will not move to the new system.  

Your new voice mail box will be ready for set-up and use at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 and will be activated on (503) 631-5000.  Any calls after that time will be re-directed to your new voice mail box.

Instructions on how to set up and use the service have been sent to current voice mail users via U.S. Mail.  They are also in the Help Center section of this website or by clicking hereYour current voice mail box and any messages will not be available after the transition.

Clear Creek Communications will continue to update you on the progress of the new voice mail system.  Be sure to check back here for additional updates.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our business office at 503-631-2101.

Voice Mail FAQ's

Will my current settings, including my greeting and PIN code, be moved to the new system?
No. Customized settings such as your greeting and PIN code will not be transferred to the new voice mail system. You will need to initialize and set up your new voice mailbox before you can access any new messages that have been delivered. Refer to the voice mail user guide for more instructions.

Will the telephone user interface remain the same?
No. There will be a change in how you interact with your voice mailbox as the telephone user interface (TUI) has changed. The system is very user-friendly and has vocal prompts to guide you through the options. You may also refer to the user guide we have included with this notification.

Can I use my speed dial/shortcut number to access the new voice mail system?
Yes. The new voice mail system will use the same telephone number as the current system when the upgrade is complete. However, we recommend you use our new shortcut code of *98 to access the system from your home or office telephone line. Refer to your user guide for instructions on how to access your voice mailbox while away from home or the office.

Can I still access my current voice mailbox?
No. You will not have access to your current voice mailbox after the transition. On the morning of March 23rd, you can still use the 10-digit voice mail service telephone numbers of 503.631.5000 to access the new system. If you have created a speed dial/shortcut number to access your current voice mailbox it will be directed to the NEW system and will not work to access the current system after the upgrade is complete.

We highly recommend that you access your current mailbox by 11:59 PM on March 22nd to listen to and delete any new or saved messages you have stored on the system. The current voice mail system will be placed out of service on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

Clear Creek Service Update  03-02-2021 

Good Morning.

Our outside plant and contractors continue to make advancements throughout the exchange. Yesterday evening they were able to get most of Maplelane, Walker Rd, Thayer and Copley Ct back online. The team attached new mainline cable on Maplelane and we have the power supply on Walker Rd temporally powered thanks to a gracious member. PGE should have the power supply wired back in to commercial power soon. We still have some feeder plant to splice in today and a few isolated members still offline in this area. Our teams will continue to work on getting everyone back online in the affected area.

Today, the construction crew is moving to Neibur Rd where we have significant plant damage as well. The Neibur Rd damage is also affecting part of Redland Rd, Hidden Lake and Garden Lane. Much like Maplelane, we have quite a bit of construction to do before the area can be brought back online.

The rest of the exchange, we are mostly down to individual drop damage and outages related to damaged electronics. Every day we are getting to as many as those individual tickets as we can. Our plant department is trying to communicate to our support staff what tickets they have so that everyone knows where exactly our crews will be. We are making effort to get through these as quickly as we can.

As of this morning, we are down to about 100 modems offline. About 30 modems of the 100 still offline are on Neibur, Redland and Garden Lane.

Here is a high-level map of the Neibur Rd area.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-27-2021 

Good Morning!

Yesterday was another day of some victories by getting McCubbin Rd and Springwater Rd (near Environmental School) back online. We also repaired some damaged cable on Ferguson and Grasle Rd that helped get some members back online. The team was also working on individual drops and in-home issues.

We also hit a challenge on Walker Rd and Maplelane. The power supply that provides power for the coax system on Walker Rd was destroyed beyond repair. The team spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to get a power supply temped into service to no avail.

The plan over the weekend is to continue to work on down drops. Kenny, Cooper and Ted will be working over the weekend. We still have roughly 150 individual tickets. Most are down and or damaged drops and require replacement. We also have TJ coming in to work on replacing damaged electronics.

Monday, our construction crew will be on Maplelane, Walker, Copley Ct, and Ferguson, and Neibur Rd. It is our goal to have those roads back online by mid-week. I will continue to provide updates on those specific areas. These areas are the last of the heavy construction projects.

As always please reach out to me with any comments or concerns.

Thank you for the continued support.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-26-2021 

Good Morning!

Yesterday we continued to work on getting Lyons, Sprague, Pear, and Indigo back online and most are back up. Just like in many areas, there are many individual down drops that we continue to move through.

We have about 150-200 individual drop reports. Many of them are on Bradley, Redland, Bakers Ferry and Springwater Rd. We have teams dedicated to get those back up and running.

Today, we are going to finish bringing McCubbin back online. Yesterday, the crews were able to get the aerial plant back up and today the splicers will be moving in to bring the area back online.

Also, today the restoration team will be moving to Maplelane and Walker road. Like many areas, these were heavily damaged and this restoration is going to take a while. We identified a power supply on Walker Rd. that was destroyed, and this is going to cause a delay in the restoration. I will provide updates on how we progress in this area this evening.

Neiber Rd is another area that has significant destruction to the aerial plant. This is also on the list to start restoration today but this is going to take time as well, with the damage incurred.

We also have an issue on Redland Rd. in the Viola area that we will be working on this morning. CATV is back up but we have something blocking internet signal.

Thank you everyone for the support.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-25-2021 

Good Morning!

Yesterday was another monumental day for the restoration crew. We are very happy to report that Node 124 serving Lyons Rd, Sprague, Pear, Indigo, Badger, Forest Hill and Greenview is back online. Right before dark last night, the team did not want to call it a day until it was back online. As it stands right now, about 75% of the area is back online. Like always, when we put commercial power back on the plant, there is going to be electronics that suffer damage. Today we will be going around that area and troubleshooting the electronics and getting more members online. We have some plant rebuild in the area that is feeder to rebuild. This restoration would not have been possible without our friends at Reliance Connects who sent a tech, truck, and splicing trailer to help get this node back online.

Through this entire event, we have been pulling resources from independent Telco's like Clear Creek. Companies like DirectLink (Canby), Reliance Connects (Estacada), Scio Telephone and Stayton Telephone have been bringing generators, materials, call support and technicians. We have also been leveraging contractors to help with the coax plant rebuild. Thank you to these companies and people have helped get Clear Creek members back online!

In addition to Lyons, we also were able to rebuild the heavily damaged area of Bradley and Redland Rd. This also was spliced into service.

Today we have a replacement pole to install on Redland Rd in the Viola area that was damaged by the storm and falling trees. Once placed, we have some feeder plant to rebuild and splice back into service.

A team will also be working to restore service on McCubbin Rd today. This is a rebuild and splice back into service as well.

Cooper and Kenny continue to work through individual house issues (Down drops and Member Premise Equipment repair/replacement). Techs working on splicing restoration are also taking trouble tickets and working them in between jobs.

Once the major rebuild areas are under control and back online, we will be dividing up the larger crews and to assist with tackling the individual trouble tickets.

As of this morning we are 80% restored. After today's victories we should be 90% restored.

Thank you everyone for the continued support and patience.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-24-2021 

Good Morning.  My apologies for not getting an outage report out yesterday.

We made some really good progress yesterday, particularly on Lyons Rd which serves Sprague, Pear, Badger, Indigo, Forest Hills and others. The aerial plant, both coax and fiber, has been put back on the new poles and ready for splicing. Our friends at Reliance Connects in Estacada are going to be assisting us with splicing in the cable. I am not ready to give a firm commitment on when turn up will be, but we are inching closer. One of the biggest challenges for us when we put power and signal on the system is, we can often have issues present themselves that were not visually apparent. The system has many active components that can fail once energized. Members in this area can except outages to persist as we move through the roads fed by this plant. We will do our best to communicate as we move through the process of bring the node and plant back online.

Today our aerial team will be moving to McCubbin which suffered significant plant damage and Bradley/Redland. This also was an area that was heavily damaged during the storm.

Also, on the list but no timetable available currently for Maplelane and Neiber Rd. PGE just recently moved out of these areas and have the aerial teams deployed in other areas. Both areas have plant damage and require the aerial plant teams. As we get done with a restoration, we move to the next. Once these bigger repairs are made, we can split the teams up.

TJ and Cooper are moving through individual drop repairs and signal related issues. These are priorities by regions so that they are not having to move from one end of the exchange to the other.

Kenny is taking on in-home issues and moving though those by region so that we are not burning time drive from one side of the exchange to the other in-between jobs.

We have one area left on generator, Clear Acres, which feeds lower Hatton and Bakers Ferry. We are very hopeful that PGE gets this road back on power soon. I know we have some members that feel the same.

Thank you everyone for the patience and help through this event. Please know this is a "all hands-on deck" and will be until we get everyone back online.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-23-2021 

We continue to make progress out in the field. Our crews and contractors are working extremely hard to make repairs to our damaged plant.  We anticipate having a progress report from our crews by tomorrow morning and will get a more detailed update out to you then.

We remain diligent in getting everyone’s service restored as quickly as we can, and we thank all of you for your patience and understanding.

Possible TV outages due to upcoming solar flares 02-22-2021 

During the upcoming Spring Equinox and the surrounding weeks, there is a chance that television services may see interruptions due to an increase in solar flares. This happens for about one week, twice per year, during the spring and fall equinox seasons and could affect TV service.

A solar outage refers to the degradation of satellite reception due to the sun being directly behind a satellite from the perspective of our receiving antenna. The sun's energy overpowers the signal being transmitted by the satellite and typically takes the link down for a few minutes. Typically, the service interruption is just for a short period and then returns without issue.

As Clear Creek provides content from about a dozen satellites, different channels may experience these sporadic (but temporary) outages at various times. We expect to see interruptions between February 28 and March 5, occurring from 5PM to 10PM.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-21-2021 

We gained more ground today.

As of 5:30pm, about 1350 members are back online, so we are gaining a couple of hundred a day. It also appears PGE had a very successful day with power restored on most of Springwater and Bakers Ferry, Gerber and the south end of Mattoon. They were working on the north end of Mattoon this evening.

We still have COAX plant operating on generator on Bradley/Holcomb Rd. A very gracious member on Potter is allowing us to plug our power supply into an exterior outlet on their house which is a tremendous help. This coming week, we should be able to get the power drops hooked up.

The Henrici node continues to operate 100% on generator so the same outages will occur until power is restored to Dillman and Creek Rd. On a positive note, we only have 8 generators now to maintain.

The Hattan Rd node is also operating on generator due to Edgewood Ln being off commercial power.

Jubb Rd also is operating on generator until the power supply can be hooked back up to power.

The contractors were able to get Harding Rd finished and then our crew cut the new plant back into service. From there, they moved to Redland Rd going down to Viola and will finish that up in the morning. After Redland/Viola is finished, they will be moving to Lyons and Gerber. The order has not been established yet, but both have a lot of work to be done.

PGE was working on Bradley Rd/Redland Rd this afternoon and evening and should have that back going tomorrow sometime. We suffered significant damage in that area and have not been able to get in to assess due the damage PGE endured.

We are hoping to see more power advancements tomorrow as PGE moves through the area.

Thank you for all the support and a huge thank you to the plant crew who have not let up since the storm hit last week. Also, thank you to our support staff who have been handling a tremendous amount of calls the last week.

Thank you and we will get back after it tomorrow!

Clear Creek Service Update  02-20-2021 

Today was another day of progress for us and for PGE. We saw customers come online, with power being restored in their areas. We have a little over 1000 members back online. 1 week ago today, I was logging in to the system and we had

Right now, Springwater/Jubb Rd area is being propped up by generator. Both power supplies for that area had the duplex power drops compromised and will be on generator until PGE can hook them up.

Henrici, Creek Rd, Dillman, Seal Ct and surrounding area is also 100% on generator. This is because the power supplies are on Dilman and Creek; both are still off commercial power. Clear Creek, along with the members on these roads, are hopeful PGE gets up there in the near future.

Potter, Bradley, and surrounding area is also being held up by generator power. Both power supplies were damaged.

The good news of today is Lyons, Pear, Sprague and Green View are back on power. The bad news, this area has a lot of mainline damage and fiber damage. This is going to be our highest priority along with every else. This is our most heavily damaged area and we are pulling in outside resources to help with this rebuild.

Tomorrow we are going to be working on Harding, Bakers Ferry and hopefully Gerber. You will also see us on Redland going down to Viola making repairs now that PGE has moved out of the area.

Thank you for the patience with us. We will get a progress report out tomorrow throughout the day.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-19-2021 

5:30 p.m. - We made some more progress today. PGE is starting to get a handle on transmission lines and begging to move to distribution.

For Clear Creek we were able to reallocate some generators to other areas and get our hands on 6 more generators.

Right now, Node 122 (Bradley, Potter and Holcom) is running 100% on generator. Our power supplies suffered damage on potter, and this will require PGE to reconnect the service drop. There is no timetable when this is going to be fixed so they will be running on generator for some time. The generators have a run time 6-8 hours so a tech will be fueling them up as needed. There will be times we dont get right to gassing due to coverage and down time will happen until we can get them fueled up.

Henrici node is also running 100% on generator. We have been topping it off but from time to time we will not make in time and experience some down time.

Upper Henrici has more troubles than just powering, and we have not been able to allocate resources to investigate, but should be able to this weekend. This is Henrici, Creek up to Seal Ct.

Tomorrow, we will be working with contractors to get mainline back up in the areas where PGE has restored power. We will also be investigating Grasle to see why we have outage still lingering.

We will update tomorrow morning with where we will be working.

 9:30 a.m. - Good morning everyone. We started our morning off with multi-generator crisis that needed to be dealt with before we could get going.

As it stands right now, we are up to 700 modems online. Incremental steps as power slowly comes up. PGE is focused on transmission before they will begin work on distribution and then feeds.We made some more progress today. PGE is starting to get a handle on transmission lines and begging to move to distribution. For Clear Creek we were able to reallocate some generators to other areas and get our hands on 6 more generators. Right now, Node 122 (Bradley, Potter and Holcom) is running 100% on generator. Our power supplies suffered damage on potter, and this will require PGE to reconnect the service drop. There is no timetable when this is going to be fixed so they will be running on generator for some time. The generators have a run time 6-8 hours so a tech will be fueling them up as needed. There will be times we dont get right to gassing due to coverage and down time will happen until we can get them fueled up. Henrici node is also running 100% on generator. We have been topping it off but from time to time we will not make in time and experience some down time. Upper Henrici has more troubles than just powering, and we have not been able to allocate resources to investigate but should be able to this weekend. This Henrici, Creek up to Seal Ct. Tomorrow we will be working with contractors to get mainline back up in the areas where PGE has restored power. We will also be investigating Grasle to see why we have outage still lingering. I will update tomorrow morning with the where we will be working.The challenge for us is most of our sites and coax nodes are on side streets and they are going to be last to have power restored.

We were able to get most of node 117 (Springwater/Redland rd) up. However, our power supply suffered damage and it will be a while until it can be repaired. Thankfully, we have a member who is nice enough to let us plug in to their well house, so we are  up.

The team is focusing on following PGE where they are making repairs. I am sorry, but we do not have specific areas currently. We also have contractors assisting and we hope to have Harding Rd and Eaden back up by tomorrow.

Also, more generators will be here today and we should be able to get more plant on temporary power. The important thing to note on temporary power is that generators lasts up to 6 hours. We try to get back to them before they go out but sometimes they go down before a tech gets to it.

As it stands, the plant is on generators in the following areas:

  • Mattoon Rd powering Fischers mill to Ridge and up to Kimball Rd
  • Dillman power half of Henrici
  • Hattan which is power to Fischers Mill
  • Most of Hattan, however is off power
  • Elida Rd which is powering Redland, Elida and Norman

Once we have more generators, we will place on at Creek Rd, which will power Henrici to Seal Ct and Creek Rd.

Thank you for your patience and continue support!

Clear Creek Service Update  02-18-2021 

Good morning everyone. PGE has made so big strides in the exchange however most of our sites remain on generator. Their focus, like ours, has been on distribution plant. Currently we have 20 generators deployed around the exchange and they run for 6-8 hours. We are doing everything we can to keep them gassed up and also moving around the exchange making repairs in between gassing generators.

Once we have all the generators gassed up this morning we will be working on the following areas:

  • Henrici, Creek Rd and Seal Ct.
  • Potter and Bradley
  • Bakers Ferry, Harding and Gerber
  • Eaden Rd and Bristlin

We continue to focus on plant restoration and unfortunately, we are not at a point where we have the resources to handle individual trouble calls. If a member has a failed set top box, we can arrange to have one picked up at the office.

We will report back this evening with how we did today.

Thank you for the continued support.

Clear Creek Service Update  02-16-2021 

5:30 p.m. - We saw some continued success today as power and services on most of Fischers Mill, Henrici, parts of Ridge Rd and Grasle.

PGE is working on Harding, Bakers Ferry and Redland Rd currently. I am confident that we see more lights on tomorrow morning.

Just to set expectations. When power has been restored does not mean our services will be restored. Like PGE we have suffered tremendous amounts of plant damage. We cannot repair those facilities until PGE clears the area. We have aerial contractors moving in, but they are also contractors for other companies, so we competing for their time with others. In addition to the aerial damage our electronics in some cases suffers damage from the surge in power. The equipment that fails has to be replaced.

The legacy POTS plant is partially restored. We are battling aging equipment and are addressing equipment issues with that system.

We are continuing to focus all efforts on the plant and not individual issues with drops and homes. The plant must be up and operational before we can start working on individual problems.

Thank you for all the support!

8:00 a.m - We are beginning to see small glimmers of hope on power restoration front.  Half of Fischers Mill and both sides of Beaver Lake are back on power.  It is small but an improvement from where it has been.

Today's strategy is going to be following behind where PGE is working.  The areas we believe they will be working is Bradley, Bakers Ferry and Springwater corridor.

For the next 48 hours, our focus is going to be continuing generator power and trying to get the largest amount of people online.  We will not be focused on individual out of service of Voice, Internet, and video.  The focus will be on the feeder plant.  The other focus is going to be clearing hazard drops.

We be updating the website and post on Facebook as we progress.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Clear Creek Service Update  02-14-2021

Right now, we have 60 modems online out of 2000. Half of the 60 that are online are on Grasle/ North End Rd. Then we have about 30 online right in Redland around the CO. The garage and store are open with limited service.

The legacy phone system has for the most part failed do to the extent of the power outage.

What we are doing today. Brian, Cooper, and Ted are going into the office by 10am. Brian is going to take the CO off generator power. Cooper and Ted will be assessing the extent of the damage and what is accessible. The forecast is looking like tomorrow should be the start of improvement so our hope is we can begin restoration. This is going to be slow process. Our hope is PGE will make some headway with power restoration today and tomorrow. However, the entire Clackamas county has extensive power plant damage so this will also be a slow process. In our exchange there is countless spans of power and communications on the ground. We can not begin to hang these cable until PGE is done with there rebuild.

Clear Creek's Latest Newsletter is here!  02-08-2021 

Check out the latest issue of our Clear Lines Newsletter.  A couple of teasers:  Scholarship Deadline is Near!  ∼  Stream and Save with EZVideo TV!  ∼  and much more.

Go to the About page and click on the Newsletter tab. Would you like to receive an electronic copy of our newsletter?  Sign up below.

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Clear Creek System Upgrade Tonight at 12:01 a.m.  10-19-2020

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. this evening, our technical staff will be performing a migration from an old legacy terminal to a new replacement terminal. This will mean that at 12:01 a.m., all internet service will be offline. As they work to migrate service groups from the legacy equipment to new equipment, members will begin to come online (roughly 100-150 internet subscribers at a time), until all services are restored. The outage will not go beyond 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Updates will be provided as we move through the project throughout the evening.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this upgrade.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page:

Clear Creek Service Update  9-14-2020

SERVICE UPDATE: Our crews moved out first thing this morning.  We will be working on Priscilla this morning and then head to Palmer. Time permitting, we will move on to Springwater, but there is chance that won't be completed until tomorrow.

We know this past week has been very trying for the Redland community and we are hopeful that things will only improve from here. Thank you and take care!

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page:

Clear Creek Service Update  9-13-2020

UPDATE (9:00 a.m.):  A lot of progress was made yesterday in the larger affected areas. Today, we will be focusing on smaller areas; e.g. Palmer and Clark Lane. Local channels have also been restored.

We are thankful for your patience during this past, very long week.  Updates will continue as we work through the repairs. Take care!

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page:

Clear Creek Service Update  9-11-2020

UPDATE (8:00 a.m.):   Due to the Level 3 evacuation in Redland, our office remains closed. Crews are unable to go out and make repairs until the County starts to move the area back to level 2 and it is deemed safe to return. Our staff is working remotely to monitor the situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Take care and stay safe!

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page:

Clear Creek Service Update  9-10-2020

UPDATE (2:58 p.m.):   Due to the recent Level 3 evacuation order from Clackamas County, our office will be closing until it is deemed safe to return. Staff will be working remotely to monitor the situation. Updates will continue on our website, Facebook and Channel 5. Stay safe!


UPDATE:   At this time, Our Commercial Office is running on backup generator. However we have several remote sites currently off commercial power and operating off of generators. Technicians will continue to monitor generators and service issues throughout the exchange, and are working to resolve issues as quickly as possible under current circumstances.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding as we all try to work through this.


Our crews are working on Potter Rd trying to restore service.  Once they are done in that area, they will move to Hatton Rd and try to get Brookstone and that end of Hatton Rd. back in service.

We will continue to provide updates throughout the day.  Thank you for your patience!

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page:

Clear Creek Service Update  9-9-2020

Since about 10pm last night, Clear Creek had about 75% of its plant off commercial power including the main office. We have deployed generators to all remote sites that are off commercial power.

We have a significant amount of plant damage due to falling trees and some burned cable, but will not be able to make repairs until PGE is able to replace poles and damaged power plant. Currently we have roughly 850 members of our 2400 affected by the power outages. There are couple of areas that may be a few more days before service is restored; specifically, Potter and Bradley Road.

Our staff continue to make repairs where possible and is keeping a close eye on the situation.

We hope that everyone is able to stay safe and we thank you for your patience during this time.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page:

We are Here for You  8-05-2020

We’re back on the road and visiting our customer’s homes to make sure your service needs are met. Even though our lobby remains close, our member service representatives are here and ready to answer your questions and address any service needs.

There are many ways to communicate with us outside of a personal visit:

  • Call us at 503.631.2101
  • Call Technical Support at 503.631.2345
  • Email us at
  • Drop payments or communications into the external box at any time
  • Go to for payment and bill inquiries
  • Mail payments or communications in through US Mail

We also ask that if you have a pending installation or other in-home appointment and have a household member not feeling well or suspect that you or anyone in your home may have been exposed to the virus, please contact the Clear Creek office to reschedule our technician to install the service in your home for a later date.

Visit this news page of our website or the company Facebook page for information and updates.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation while we navigate through these unfamiliar times.

The Clear Creek Team

Clear Creek Annual Meeting Cancelled - Election Continues  4-16-2020

Our Annual Meeting has been postponed until further notice. We will notify our members of the new date as soon as it is known.

Election of Directors continues...

Even though the Annual Meeting has been postponed, the election for two seats on the board will continue. The annual meeting notice was mailed on April 1 to our members and included our newsletter with the candidate’s statements, a ballot and the envelopes to return the ballot.

Ballots must be turned in by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday April 30th. Ballots can also be placed in our drop box at our business office, which is to the left of the front door.

We want to take a moment and recognize the winners of our Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to Kelby Beyer and Mary Gach! Your senior year is about celebrating all that you have achieved and looking ahead to what the future brings. We are honored that we can be a part of what your future holds and wish you all the best. We know this isn’t exactly how you imagined your Senior Year going and hope that you find many ways to celebrate. The world will forever talk about the class of 2020!

Our office may be closed but we are still here for you. If you have service needs, want to pay your bill, talk to a team member, or just say hi, you can call our office at (503) 631-2101.

Our communities, our country, and our world are resilient places. Together, we’ll see our way through this situation. Stay well, friends.

Broadband Access for Students and Families  4-8-2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to members, Clear Creek Communications is making options available to help keep students and their families connected and online as our community takes steps to respond to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. Consequently, we will be offering:

  • Two months of free broadband service and WiFi to new subscribers with students and/or teachers in the home.
  • Existing subscribers with students and/or teachers will be given a free speed upgrade for two months.

Because Clear Creek Communications serves members across multiple school districts and educational institutions, students and families are advised to contact their school to determine what online educational opportunities may or may not be available to them at this time.

As we monitor the developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the health and safety of our employees and members remain our top priority. We are staying close to this situation and are taking proactive steps to enhance our safety standards as we continue to provide you with the products and services you need during this time. Consequently, this program will be available while policies allow our employees to install services and is subject to change.

For additional information about these offerings, please contact our Member Services team.

Email Our Team