No Locates Caused Outage

Patty TerhuneService Updates, Support, Telephone

On March 1st we had an unusual situation where a relatively small accident turned into some serious plant damage. It provide a real life example of that can happen when you dig without locating a cable.  In this case the PGE crew decided to in the interest of time proceeded to auger for the replacement of a damaged pole without calling for a locate.  In the end this unfortunately decision extended the repair time by many hours.  Here is how your Clear Creek Communications team reacted to restore service to the 100+ customers who were put out of service.

At about 5:00 in the morning a car lost control in the snow and broke a PGE pole at the intersection of Redland & Marklund See photo 02.

When PGE attempted to set a new pole they augured an new hole straight into a large buried telephone cable as well as a 4” buried duct. Because the ground is so wet, the cable was not cut but instead was pulled out of the nearest pedestal approximately 60 ft to the west. That resulted in it resembling a giant coiled snake in the drill hole. Photo 07 The cable was pulled several feet from the pedistal. Photo 14 Note the exposed wires running 3 or 4 feet below ground level. Luckily, for the most part, it did not pull the splicing apart so most customers did not lose services at this point.

We decided the best resolution would be to trench 60 ft between the damaged point and the pedestal and replace that section of cable.  Photo 16

We also set a new pedestal at the location of the drill hole. That’s it in photo 17.

Then all that was left to do was re-splice at both ends into the new cable. See photos 19, 22, 24, and my favorite picture # 30. In photo 30 you can see our technician Mike splicing at one end while Mitch & Zack were splicing in a tent on the other. The tent is that glowing, yellow thing in the background. All customers were momentarily out of service while their individual pairs were being spliced. Services were mostly restored before 8 PM.

The combination of the hard work of our guys and the Matton crew made for a relatively quick restoration of service given the situation that existed.

For those wondering if Joel Matton still gets into the trenches, see photo 11.