Planning any outdoor projects? Call 811.

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Planting Trees?  Building a deck?  Call 811 Before You Dig. Be Safe. Be Sure. 

Do you know who to call before digging or excavating on your property?  Oregon law requires that anyone digging in private property or any public right of way call the One-Call Center prior to digging. Everyone, contractor and homeowner alike, must call two business days prior to digging. The Oregon Utility Notification Center (OUNC) is the Oregon state agency that administers Oregon’s excavation laws and the statewide toll free “One-Call” number: 1-800-332-2344 (2DIG), or just “811.” The One-CallCenter is available 24 hours to process locate requests.

What happens when you call the toll free number: 800-332-2344 or 811?

As soon as you make that important phone call, the operator answering the phone at the OUNC’s One Call Center will ask you a series of questions designed to pin point the proposed excavation area. You will be given a reference number and the names of the Operators, such as Clear Creek Communications, that have buried facilities in the excavation area. The One Call Center will then notify the affected facility Operators that have underground facilities within the proposed excavation site. The facility Operator (or their locating contractor) will locate and accurately mark their buried facilities with the required color.<

When can you safely start digging after you make the call?

It is strongly recommended that you wait the full two-business day waiting period. This allows all Operators to complete their required responsibilities. If you start before that time you may be accepting liability for damages. A call to the One-Call Center protects the homeowner/excavator from possibly being charged thousands of dollars to repair damaged facilities. For more information about OUNC, please visit