Protect those precious pictures!

Patty TerhuneTech News

What kind of data do you store on your computer and how important is it to you?  I have nearly every picture I’ve ever taken of my family, trips we have taken, tax records, cherished emails from family. . . .the list goes on. . .a LOT of really important stuff.  The computer has become a versatile tool for so many things that we want to do in our lives and we are storing more and more data.

Computers are usually pretty reliable, but sometimes they do fail.  Hard disk drives can suddenly stop working, computer equipment could get stolen, or damaged in a fire, flood or earthquake.  These things can happen without notice, and any data on that computer may no longer be available to you.  We don’t have to “lose” data.  With very little effort and expense you can rest comfortably knowing that all of that important data is safe and secure – even if your computer fails.

The best way to protect your data is to have a copy available, so that if the working copy is lost or damaged, you can pull out your back up copy and be up and running without skipping a beat.  Did you know that Clear Creek Communications provides 1GB of back up storage with every Internet account?  MyBackup integrates the safety and security of remote file storage with the convenience of a local drive.  MyBackup creates a link directly to a remote storage server which looks and responds just like a local drive.  This remote server keeps your files safe and secure, protecting you from hardware faults, accidental deletions, or malicious privacy thieves.  Additional storage can be purchased at monthly rates starting at only $0.99 per month.  Give us a call at 503.631.2101 to learn more or check our website at