Service Bulletins

Patty TerhuneSupport

Service Bulletins provide our customers with the most current information available about issues affecting their service.  Service Bulletins are located in the right margin of this blog and appear only when a current update is available.  In the rare event that we are experiencing an outage or disruption of service, related information is  posted to help keep you informed.

The source of the information is our service center, which is usually to first to become aware of an issue.  In fact, we let you see the same message that is generated for our service personal.  That insures that the information is current, accurate and prevents any of the details from getting lost in translation.  Information is posted just as soon as we become aware of it and represents our understanding at that time.  We will update the information as the situation changes, and we will let you know when the problem is resolved. .

Also found in our Service Bulletins are planned disruptions of service that may unavoidably occur as we maintain our system.  This is our attempt to let you know in advance when our activities might impact your use of our services.  Larger projects may be described in longer articles posted in the blog so please check there as well.

So please take a look under the Service Bulletins heading in the right margin of this page.  When there is a real outage remember to check back as an easy way to get the latest information.  It’s that easy.