Smart and Effortless Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Patty TerhuneClearView, Security

The pleasant mornings and lazy afternoons of summer have arrived! Unfortunately, those high summer energy bills are looming now that your AC has kicked into gear.

The good news this year is that you can reduce them easily with smart home technology. In fact, the Consumer Technology Association estimates that you can lower your home’s energy consumption by up to ten percent, especially on summer cooling and winter heating.

And those savings become even sweeter when you don’t have to lift a finger to achieve them.

ClearView Security and Home Automation has a range of ways to save energy effortlessly in summer, including a smarter thermostat that saves and keeps you comfortable in equal measure. Here are some energy-saving features that you (and your wallet) will love.

Save When You Leave the House

Home-versus-away automation is the smartest way to save money on summer air conditioning, and knows precisely when you’re there and when you’re not.

The simplest way is to automate based on your security system’s status. When your home is ‘Armed Away’, your Smart Thermostat sets back to save energy. When you disarm or ‘Arm Stay’ the system, it returns to ‘comfort’ mode, giving you the ideal temperature.

Geo-Services is another great feature that gives you a similar effect, triggered by your location (via your smartphone). You can adjust it so that your home starts cooling when you’re a set distance from arriving home, giving you the perfect temperature when you arrive.

Want to get even more energy-efficient?

The savings above are the easiest, but there many more opportunities to be more energy-efficient, including tracking your consumption, discovering new ways to save, and creating energy goals. If you’d like to learn more about saving more energy, give us a call at (503) 631-8199. We can even come out and give you a free estimate.